Seasons International Pvt. Ltd. is one of the No.1 quality Chickpeas supplier and exporter from India in bulk quantity throughout the world.

India is the world’s largest producer of Kabuli Chickpea , Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans are renowned for their delicious nut like taste and high protein content. Chickpeas are legumes of the family, Fabaceae, and they are one of the oldest legumes to be cultivated by humans.


  • Botanical Name

    Circer Arietinum

  • Common Names

    Gram, Bengal Gram, Chana, Chole, Garbanzo Bean, Egyptian Pea, Humas

  • Purity

    Max 99%, 99.50%

  • Types

    Kabuli Chana, Desi Chana

  • Count

    40-42/14mm, 42-44/12mm, 44-46/11mm, 46-48/10mm, 58-60/9mm, 75-80/7mm

  • Cleaning

    Machine Clean / Sortex Clean

  • Moisture

    Max. 13%

  • Non  GMO

  • Origin


Here are its Uses and Benefits:

As best quality Humas exporters our chickpeas, or garbanzo bean among the board of traditional cuisines has been relied on for years.


Chickpeas in other Languages:

Spanish – Garbanzos

French – Pois chiches

German – Kichererbse

Turkish – Nohut

Arabic – حمص (Hummus)

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