Natural Sesame

Natural Sesame

Seasons International Pvt. Ltd. is No.1 quality Natural Sesame supplier and exporter from India in bulk quantity throughout the world.

Sesame seeds originate from the plant Sesamum Indicum L. suitable for human consumption. Natural Sesame Seeds contain all the natural nutrients of sesame seeds. Sesame seeds have high oil content.


  • Botanical Name

    Sesamum Indicum

  • Common Names


  • Purity

    99%, 99.50%, 99.95%, 99/1, 98%

  • Moisture

    Max. 10%

  • Cleaning

    Machine Clean / Sortex Clean

  • Non  GMO

  • Origin


Here are the Uses and Benefits of Natural Sesame:

Natural sesame, which comes from the seeds of the Sesamum indigenous plant, has been a pivotal part of the human diet, health, and beauty for many centuries.


Sesame in other languages:

Arabic – سمسم (simsim)

Chinese – 芝麻 (zhīma)

Vietnamese – Vừng or Mè

Malaysia (Malay)- Bijan

Singapore (Mandarin) – 芝麻 (zhīma)

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