Coriander Powder

Coriander Powder

Grounded from coriander seeds, coriander powder is an essential condiment in the Indian cuisine. Very few dishes can be made without the touch of coriander powder. It has a pleasing aroma and savour.Coriander from which the powder is made is one of the world’s oldest spices. It is considered both a spice and a herb.


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  • Botanical Name

    Coriandrum sativum

  • Common Names


  • Purity

    99%, 99.50%, 99.90%

  • Types

    Eagle, Scooter, Single & Double Parrot

  • Forms

    Split Seeds

  • Moisture

    Max. 10%-12%

  • Cleaning

    Machine Clean / Sortex Clean

  • GMO

    Non Genetically Modified

  • Origin


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