Seasons International Pvt. Ltd. is one of the No.1 quality Barley supplier and exporter from India in bulk quantity throughout the world.

Barley is a very healthy grain. It’s rich in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial plant compounds. It’s also high in fiber, which is responsible for most of its health benefits, ranging from a better digestion to reduced hunger and weight loss.


  • Botanical Name

    Hordeum Vulgare

  • Common Names


  • Purity

    98%, 99%

  • Moisture

    Max. 10%

  • Cleaning

    Machine Clean

  • Non GMO

  • Origin


Here are its uses and benefits:

Barley is an essential and has long been a grain of choice for human beings and agriculture.

Barley in other languages

English – Barley              Hindiजौ             Arabic – شَعِير               Chinese大麦            Spanish – cebada f             Italian – Orzotti

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